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How to become a full time Health Professional: Helping people Heal Themselves

Updated: May 2

Have you always been drawn to learning more about healing? 

Are you a natural healer who’s ready to expand your professional training?

Do you feel called to help others heal themselves and the world?

Have you always wondered how you can be of service to the greater good? Are you surrendered to the path of the helper / healer & want to help others?

But most importantly, are you aligned with the holy spirit to do good works?

Then here are...

4 Steps to Become a Full time Healer

1. Find a healing modality you love that is in high demand in a specific niche

2. Get professional training that make your offering stand out among the rest 

3. Go above and beyond with your clients by applying your training in unique ways

4. Provide a high value offering that helps people solve a specific problem & makes the world a better place 

Kambo Angel Certificate

KAMBO ANGEL Certification

Online | June 5-30

In Person | July 5-15 Portland, Oregon


KAMBO ANGEL Certification will give you the in-depth history, knowledge, safety, tools, and practical application to help others heal with wholistic & shamanic therapies. This 5 week course & 10 night retreat is designed to equip you with all of the practical & professional skills to share Kambô / Hapé / Sananga as one of the leading medicine practitioners in your area.

Master Medicines like Kambô / Hapé / Sananga have the power to heal on all levels at once: mind, body, spirit, energy, and emotion. 

The echos of this impact of healing is felt 7 generations forward and 7 generations back to clear and open your family lineage to rid it of old trauma and create space for more love, peace, health, and beauty going forward. In a colonized world, we have all been disconnected from where we come from, who our ancestors are, how to get back in touch with our roots, and what family really means.

This is why we can spend a lifetime looking for approval, acceptance, belonging, and purpose. Through surrendering to our own personal path of spiritual devotion & detoxification we discover the deepest layers of ourselves down to our most authentic soul essence. 

We rid ourselves of ancestral karma and baggage that has been blocking our blessings for centuries and free ourselves from the binds of those that came before us. 

When we dedicate ourselves to reconnecting with the land and our global family of people, animals, and plants, we start to find our way back home. Back home to ourselves, and back home to our hearts, which is where the real healing happens. 

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