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rebirth retreat

Experience a spiritual rebirth and full system reset of body, mind & spirit with a 5 day wholistic therapuetic retreat.

August 1-5, 2024

troutdale, or

Rebirth Retreat


I am humbled and grateful for the amazing ceremony you gave us. Absolutely incredible and impeccable. 

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divine feminine initiation

Rebirth Retreat is a healing breakthrough initiation along your path as a self healer & a rite of passage into a stronger expression of womanhood.

This 5 day master medicine retreat is the perfect place to rest your spirit, recover your body, get away from the mundane routine and make your life more magical.

Rebirth Retreat is a safe and sacred space for women to heal from the trauma of their past and come home to their true power, play, innocence, and unique beauty once again.

Come home to your heart and learn to love yourself again. Activate your inner warrior and step into the next version of yourself, walking on your highest path.

As women, we join together to gather in a celebration of life and model what it means to live in village. We grieve, laugh, cry, let go, and burn away layers of our false selves that have been keeping us stuck.


With the help of Master Medicines, Kambô, Sananga, and Rose, you will rediscover your intuitive power to heal yourself and reconnect with your true nature as a Divine Feminine being.


When we release trauma from the womb, we are actively severing the ties of patriarchal control out of our nervous system, so that we can meet ourselves with true unconditional love.

And as we break that control, we come back into our sovereignty and naturally feel at ease with speaking up for our healthy boundaries.

We start to make choices for ourselves again and let go of the programing of people pleasing, over working, perfectionism, burnout and trying to always be a "good girl" "good mother" "good wife"

Because of this preoccupation with other's needs, so many of us have lost touch with our true selves, lost sight of our true path, and started to doubt our own dreams.


But I'm here to remind you that you deserve to feel well in your body & be well resourced fulfilling your simple purpose of being your most authentic self.

Heal the trauma at the root, within the body, to clear ancestral karma that has been holding you back. ​Alkalize & cleanse your organs to regain strength, immunity, clarity, will power, and motivation towards your deepest dreams & desires.

Rebirth Retreat welcomes Womb carriers of all expressions to commune with the power of Mother Earth - Pacha Mama through Her life changing transformational tools.

As a coven of loving women, we will cleanse, release, trust, surrender, grow, learn, laugh, play dance, and move with Spirit as we allow the medicine of Sisterhood to heal us and remind us of the world which we are creating together one day at a time.


Enjoy skill sharing, soulful conversations, sisterhood connection with magical babes & teachings on the topics of Women's Health, Healing Ways, Divine Feminine Teachings and more.



Release years of accumulated toxins out of your major organs to find freedom from chronic symptoms. Liberate your personal power by strengthening your immunity & energetic boundaries. Align again with the truth of who you really are.


Revitalize your Divine Feminine spirit in all of her magickal expressions: Maiden, Mother, Crone, Goddess, Warrior, Huntress, Priestess, Wild Woman, Enchantress, Empress, Queen and reclaim all of you.


See yourself in the beauty & power that you hold. Soften your gaze to painful past traumas. See yourself & others with more compassion, empathy, and radical acceptance of what is. Let go of the challenging things you have seen through your life journey.