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Welcome Divine Feminine Entreprenuer, to the first step in creating a lifelong sustainable income as a sacred business woman.

This 4 month business accelerator is designed for divine feminine entrepreneurs who are ready to impact the world with their divine gifts.


Build a business the world needs and live the life of freedom & flexibility you desire and require.

This is your chance to step into your fully embodied era. Claim it, sister.

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your destiny is waiting

This 4 month business academy is designed for divine feminine entrepreneurs who want to take their financial future into their own hands, exit the hustle and grind of traditional employment, and build a business and brand that encapsulates their unique gifts and encompasses the activities they want to experience every day.

Each dream, inspiration, or intuitive hit we experience is a divine sign from Source to lead us along our path of our sacred mission and purpose on this planet. Each thought was uniquely gifted to you to carry the torch forward to light the path for the women who come after you, guided by our ancestors before us.

This course is for women who are ready to trash old limiting beliefs that are holding them back from expressing the depth and breath of who they truly are through the portal of their sacred business.

Each week we will dive into the depths of what exactly is holding us back from achieving the success we know we deserve. Alongside the spiritual and emotional work of clearing these blocks, we will study and apply techniques each week to grow our sacred business online and offline.

this was created for you

  • If you have started your business but it's not making enough money to support your full time income, this course is for you.

  • If you've tried to start your business, but you don't have a clear road map to be able to step away from your old job, this course is for you.

  • If your goal is to work for yourself but you don't have any clear systems and strategies for how to make a full time income, this course is for you.

  • If you have dreamed of launching your business but the market has felt too intimidating to really put yourself out there fully, this course is for you.

  • If you want grow your business from part time to full time income so that can sustain a lifestyle of freedom and travel, this course is for you.

  • If you are stuck giving low ticket single services and don't know how to actually start making thousands of dollars in your business every month, this course is for you.

  • If you have a hard time gaining new clients, developing lasting relationships with them, and engaging them in buying and recommending your offerings on a regular basis, this course is for you.

  • If you don't have a clear plan or even the skills you need, but want to grow your business to 3k or 5k months and beyond, this course is for you.

launch your dream life

Have you seen other magical women in the world rocking their business and wondered, "How do they do it?"

Well, there a lot of different reasons that these women have success... but most importantly their success comes from streamlined systems of operation and signature packages that combine their best offerings in one high ticket payment plan program.

You are a multi-dimensional, multi-talented priestess that has a lot to offer. Instead of feeling like you need to niché down to one thing, may be holding you back from shining in all that you are. What if you worked with a coach who specializes in helping creative entrepreneurs launch their high ticket offers?

A lot of us have been taught that it's greedy or bad to desire to make money but I'm here to help you turn that belief around in service of your devotion to the greater good. As magical women we MUST earn money to be free in our lives to escape the matrix and help others do the same. That's why we're here! To live our best lives and inspire others to do the same with our sacred offerings.

In this 4 month accelerator, you will learn not only how to let go of limiting beliefs around making money and your worthiness to receive, but you will also learn the practical tools to create successful systems in your business that lead to long term sustainable income.

We will lead you through a divinely designed curriculum tailored specifically for heart centered entrepreneurs who are here to make a difference on this planet for the greater good of all. This journey will expand you as a multidimensional woman who is here to create change on the planet through higher visions of sacred energy exchange and receiving wealth on behalf of the Divine Feminine.

raechel marie bennett

It was such a beautiful, deep, profound, inspiring, magical experience. 

I was in the pre-launch phase of my business and had gone through a lot of ups and downs, feeling inspired and then losing momentum, coming up with doubts and hesitancy.

It was really beautiful to be in this container with these women to have a sense of accountability and inspiration that came with it.

I just really love the space that Rose holds, I love the prayers that she offers, I love the wisdom that she brings forth and her intuitive nature is such a great gift to be able to receive.

your cirriculum

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

Soul Inquiry

  • Divine Feminine Business Paradigm

  • Soul Led Intention Setting

  • Ikigai Systems Design Strategy


Launch Your Dream Life

  • Being Seen in Your Magic

  • Accessing Your Audience

  • How to Write Your Story

Sacred Sales

  • Funnels & Your Client Journey

  • Converting Prospects into Clients

  • Your Unique Selling Points

Creative Channeling


  • Channeling Your Soul Purpose

  • Social Media Attraction Marketing

  • Designing Your Brand Kit

Divine Lifestyle Design

  • Designing a Life You Love

  • How To Plan & Produce Successfully

  • Offerings for Every Audience


Building Sustainable Income

  • How to Price Your Offerings Properly

  • How to Produce Successful Retreats

  • Sustainable Income Plan

Transitioning to Full Time

  • Making an Organic Offer

  • Creating your Signature Package

  • Full Time Transition Timeline

Growing Generational Wealth​​

  • Tools to Start Your Business

  • Passive, Residual, and Evergreen Income

  • Activate Your Legacy Mapping

devon lyn wright

I was feeling really stuck in the direction I wanted to move forward in my business. I didn't have the tools or the wisdom to keep myself moving forward and take steps.

When I invested in this program it helped nudge me along and hold me accountable to actually start to take more action again and look at the ways that I was avoiding moving towards my dreams.

The container I was held in was so loving and supportive. It was really special to be held in such warm, safe space while being surrounded with loving intention and prayer through the entire experience.

I left the program with more ability to acknowledge my magic again. 

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Book a free coaching session with rose

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divine feminine business

next session starts january 2025

  • DFB Personal Mentorship

    Every month
    4 Month Payment Plan. Closes December 31, 2024.
    Valid for 4 months
    • Weekly 1.5hr Group Course Calls
    • Private Online Community Membership
    • Weekly 1hr Personal Mentorship Calls
    • Unlimited Personal Text Coaching
    • Website Design Consultation
    • Free Educational Resources Guide
    • Reflective Writing Prompts
    • Activity Worksheet Downloads
    • Clearing : Worthiness to Receive
    • Clearing : Fear of Being Seen
    • Activation : Unified Wealth Codes
    • Activation : Magnetic Abundance
  • DFB Group Mentorship

    Every month
    4 Month Payment Plan. Closes December 31, 2024.
    Valid for 4 months
    • Weekly 1.5hr Group Course Calls
    • Private Online Community Membership
    • Monthly 1hr Personal Mentorship Calls
    • Reflective Writing Prompts
    • Activity Worksheet Downloads
    • Clearing : Worthiness to Receive
    • Clearing : Old Matrix Money
    • Activation : Unified Wealth Codes
    • Activation : Magnetic Abundance
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